Move It or Lose it - The Podcast

Episode 084 - Dr. Meghan Beier and How to Find Empathy

May 03, 2023 Kathy Chester
Move It or Lose it - The Podcast
Episode 084 - Dr. Meghan Beier and How to Find Empathy
Show Notes

I'm delighted to share another interview with my favorite Multiple Sclerosis-specialist psychologist, Dr. Meghan Beier.

We all know that life with MS can lead us to seek help for our mental health at some point. And when the primary cause of emotional symptoms is a medical condition, you want the mental health specialist to understand your condition. However, these professionals can be difficult to find.

Dr. Beier's passion for improving care led her to create Find Empathy, an online directory and educational platform that helps connect people with challenging medical conditions to therapists who understand their diagnoses.

In this conversation, we talk about exciting developments in Dr. Beier's career and her plans for the Find Empathy podcast and platform. We also discuss the greater need for psychologists who have an understanding of chronic health conditions, particularly since the start of the pandemic. Dr. Beier is also on-hand to suggest techniques to help us deal with potentially overwhelming situations (and family members!)

Links and resources:
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